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The Story Behind The Artist

September 12th, 2017

The Story Behind The Artist

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When I finally decided to retire from the software industry a number years ago, one of my goals was to re-discover my creative instincts that developed within me during the 60s, while living in the SF Bay area. My creativity seemed to fall to the wayside as career, family and a busy life pushed my artistic interests to a lower priority. Once retired, I started to re-learn Photography, as my last attempt at Photography was when cameras used film and any creativity had to be done in the dull, poorly lit darkroom with corrosive chemicals. I started, as most art centered Photographers start, with silky water shots, sunsets, sunrises and the normal, everyday photos we see all the time. I followed similar paths others took, with entering small shows, providing galleries with my proposals to hang my work,...

Now And Then Exhibit

May 29th, 2017

Now And Then Exhibit

Then & Now Exhibit at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center

The Pacific Maritime Heritage Center’s Galley Gallery is currently hosting a new and innovative exhibit, “Then & Now.” This comparative photographic exhibit has one camera lens focused on the past, and the second, a digital camera, fixed on the present.

Exhibited are “then” images of Newport and vicinity dating from the 1940s to the 1980s, photographed by Roger A. Hart (1906-2006). Hart’s images were selected from several hundred of his photographs in the Society’s archives that illustrate the changes the community has undergone. Selections were made by museum staff, Collections Specialist Jeff Syrop, Director Steve Wyatt and Outreach Specialist Laura Rose.

“Then” photographer Roger A. Hart came to Newport in 1937 to open “Hart’s for Parts,” a Napa Auto Parts store. As a hobby and side business he photographically documented everyday things, such as street scenes and...